I mean, i heard Infinite is GREAT, but

the atmosphere in rapture is just so UNIQUE and weird and VERY VERY nice to look at.

An Infinite movie would just look kinda like a 50’s movie but with more clouds.

BUT it better be in Rapture if it is being made. 

Sea City>Sky City

like, it could be a horror with all the splicers and what not (because they would be creepy as BALLS in a horror movie, unlike they are in the game)

Especially spider splicers, crawling all over the walls and ceilings and whatnot. 

I mean, if we got a Bioshock movie that look anything REMOTELY similar to THIS, thatd be AMAZING.


Ya know, i wasnt that disappointed like 4 years ago when i heard the news, 

but man, now after beating both #1 and 2, i am SUPER mad that they cancelled the Bioshock movie. 

Also does anyone know if valve ever decided between making a half-life movie or a Portal one?

I know they were debating it like, 3 years ago, and i never heard anything from it..

My sisters goin to college tuesdays and thursdays, and my moms going back to work in october. 

So, it looks like around October ill be able to stream again, and be able to start recording for my youtube channel!~

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